Its Time For The Butterfly’s To Migrate!

Having a ereader is a great way to catch up on current events. There are so many things going on in the world around us. Everyone should take the time to stop and learn about an current event every once in a while.

Here is a cool one I learned about monarch butterflies.

Every year around this time thousands of beautiful monarch butterflies are setting out to make a journey from North America’s more chilly areas to where they spend their winters in Mexico and California.

When they arrive at their destination they will spend the season hibernating before taking the journey back again in the spring. This journey there and back ever year can take as long as a couple of months and be around 2,000 miles each way.

Most insects do not migrate cause they do not live long enough to do so. For Monarch butterflies its the ones that are born about October and September that make this incredible journey. The ones that fly back though, are the kids of the ones that make the original journey, but they all fly the same trip.

Though their journey the way they find exactly where they are headed to is that they follow the direction of the sun. They way they can achieve this is by the use a 24 hour clock located in there antenna called a circadian. This will tell them whether the sun should be on the right or left of their photo-receptors that are inside their eyes, due to the rotation on the earth.

Once they  get to Mexico or California they will live off the fat they have stored in their bodies. Monarch’s will then awaken from their hibernation  about February or March and start the long journey back laying eggs and then die.

I really loved learning about these beautiful creatures and how they make their extraordinary trip. So take your ereader and find some cool current events to learn about today!

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